On Saturday June the 18th the ( already ) seventh edition of the ever-musically expanding Icarus Nights takes place.

Our special guest for this edition is none-other than Yves De Mey, an Antwerp-based soundcomposer / musician, who's been widely active since the early 90's. Starting out as a drum’n’bass – breakbeat producer on the now-defunct Lowlands label, he quickly moved to the field of the more experimental side of things, with music for theater, performances, contemporary dance and movies.

At the same time he made a few larger scale sound installations.
He runs the extremely low profile label Knobsounds (www.knobsounds.com ) for the occasional output, but his music has recently been released on different labels in Belgium and abroad ( Line / 12K, T2X, Morse and others).

He often collaborates with Audiostore ( www.audiostore.org ) for performances with spatialized audio and with techno producer Peter Van Hoesen ( www.t2x.eu ) as Sendai. On top of that, he’s creative director at Sonicville, a sound studio in Brussels, where, on a daily basis, his skills as sound designer, engineer and musician are tested.

Before, and after, auditive stimulation and relaxation by Icarus.fm & Resonance.fm.

More info: www.icarus.fm